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Smart Glass

Upgrade Your Privacy Game with Smart Glass - Switch from Opaque to Clear in 7 Milliseconds! Our Switchable Privacy Glass is the perfect solution for conference rooms, offices, residences, and more. Enhance security, enjoy a dust-free environment, and protect against harmful UV and infrared rays. With its versatile application in partition walls, windows, doors, and roof-lights, Smart Glass is the ultimate solution for both residential and business buildings. Experience the convenience of easy cleaning and the futuristic look of Smart Glass. Please give us your specs/size/quality and we will manufacture the Smartglass precisely to that.

Experience the future of privacy in healthcare facilities with glass frosting! As a superior alternative to curtains, glass frosting meets the strictest hygiene standards while surpassing expectations for cleanliness, visibility, and privacy. Embrace the revolutionary solution that ensures a spotless environment while preserving the necessary discretion. Join the trendsetting movement with our cutting-edge glass frosting technology today!

Step into the future of privacy and functionality with our cutting-edge Switchable Privacy Glass. Say goodbye to traditional partitions, mundane blinds, and cumbersome curtains. Our smart glass windows offer on-demand controllable opacity, allowing you to create expansive, and light-filled spaces while keeping prying eyes at bay. Embrace the perfect balance between privacy and practicality in trendy and versatile environments. Upgrade to our switchable opaque glass and revolutionize the way you experience your space.

Unleash Limitless Possibilities! Architects and designers embrace our futuristic and innovative product for its boundless creative potential, and now we can also do the operable Smartglass walls. Join the trendsetters and discover new horizons with us!

Technical Specification

Unlock the Power of Smart Windows – Experience the Future with Electrochromic Glass Technology. Activate Smartglass with Ease – Control Privacy, Lighting, and Style at Your Fingertips. Discover the Versatility of Privacy Switchable Glass, from Tints to Shapes. Your Perfect Solution Awaits!

Visible Light Transmission >90% <4%
Haze <4% > 95%
Viewing Angle ≥150 degree
UV Blocking ≥98%
IR Blocking 95%
Operating Voltage 48-60VAC
Frequency 50~60HZ
Current 100 mA Sq. m (9.3 mA Sq. ft)
Power Consumption <5W/Sq. m (<0.46W/Sq. Ft)
Switching Time <200ms <10ms
Total Glass Thickness 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 22mm (3/8″, 1/2″, 9/16″, 14/16″) or customized;
Glass Structure Triplex, IGU or customized
Color White, Light Gray, Dark Gray
Working Temperature –20°C~ 70°C (-4°F ~ 160°F)
Storage Temperature –20°C~ 70°C (-4°F ~ 160°F)
Life Time >20 Years

Preparations required for installing Smart Glass


Power Unit: Please see the electrical scheme of the Smart Glass

Experience the Power of Connectivity – With our cutting-edge electrochromic glass, the possibilities are endless. Connect to the electrical network effortlessly, with the power unit delivering a recommended 48VAC output. Each glass unit seamlessly integrates with a pair of wires, ensuring convenient installation. Upgrade to the future of smart glass technology and effortlessly connect multiple Smartglass units using our state-of-the-art wires connecting box. Stay connected, stay ahead.


Electrical Preparations

Ready to revolutionize your space? Installing smart windows has never been easier with our streamlined process. Simply designate a dedicated space for the transformer and securely fix the power unit within. Connect the power unit to the electrical network and control it effortlessly with a convenient switch.

Powering multiple Smartglass panels? We’ve got you covered! Wire the power unit to a connecting box for efficient distribution, or connect directly if you have a single smart glass.
Guiding the wires seamlessly from the connecting box to your smart glasses is a breeze. Our flexible installation options ensure the busbars (electrodes) can be strategically placed on the top and bottom, both on the long side, or customized to match your frames and glass sizes. Embrace the power of smart windows today and unlock a world of convenience, efficiency, and style for your space!