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Our Switchable SmartglassSmartfilmSmart Ig Units Made in Canada

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Smartglasscan Inc

In this day and age why do we need curtains, or blinds on our partitions, windows or doors? Curtains are a thing of the past that collects dust and germs resulting in allergies and not to mention take up space. We offer Smartglass, Smartfilm and Smart IG Units from Smartglasscan Inc., instead of regular glass by avoiding drapes, blinds or curtains. Smartglass is also the perfect solution for conference rooms, facades, partition walls, hospitals and windows/doors that offer you privacy by touch of a button.

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Our Applications

Residential Houses & Condos

Embrace the Future with Smart Glass Futuristic Technology! Shield your loved ones from harmful sun rays and germs, enhance security, and enjoy low maintenance. Experience instant privacy at the flick of a switch. Contact us now for a free estimate!

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Commercial Offices

Elevate your workspace with SmartGlass – the perfect blend of privacy and versatility. Whether in your office or cubicle, our state-of-the-art Smartglass offers seamless control, allowing you to switch between transparent and opaque modes effortlessly, even control the opacity. Stay ahead of the competition with SmartGlass, redefining the way you work and impressing clients like never before.

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Advantages of Smartglass

Remote Privacy

Experience Seamless Control with SmartGlass – Effortlessly Operate Your Windows using Remote control, Wall Switch, and even your Smartphone!

Blocks UV Rays

Shield Your Space from Harmful UV Rays with Smart Glass Windows – Stay Safe and Stylish with 98% UV Blockage, Defying Sunburn and Skin Cancer Risks!

Blocks Infrared Radiation

Shield Yourself from Harmful Rays with Switchable Glass – Embrace Skin Protection with Smartglass’ 95% Infrared Radiation Blockage. Say Goodbye to Premature Aging and Hello to Trendy Safety!

Energy Efficient

SmartGlass: Unlock Energy Savings of 12% – 30% Keep Indoor Temperature Intact, Slash Costs!

Easy Maintenance

Elevate Your Space with Effortless Maintenance – Experience Smart Glass: No More Hassles with Drapes or Blinds!

Dust/allergy Problems

Step into a Cleaner, Germ-Free Future with Smart Glass – Bid Farewell to Dusty Curtains and Embrace the Revolution!

Additional Security

Elevate Your Glass: Smart Glass, Smart Film and Smart IG Units for Enhanced Durability and Security.


Unlock the Power of SmartGlass: Elevate Your Presentations and Privacy with Our Interactive Whiteboard Solution!

Projection Screen

Transform any Surface with SmartGlass Projection Technology. Experience Movies, Presentations & More, Unleash the Power of Smart Glass!

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Smartglasscan Inc

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