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Smart Film

Experience the Ultimate in Privacy and Convenience with Smartfilm! Revolutionize your space with our cutting-edge technology. Our versatile privacy window film can be effortlessly applied to any glass panel. Enjoy complete control with a convenient remote that allows you to switch the Smartfilm on or off, adjust opacity levels, or set a timer. When in its opaque state, the film acts as an electronic blind, ensuring privacy and security for your windows, glass partitions, or any glass surface. Don't settle for anything less than the best - choose Smartfilm for a seamless blend of style and functionality! Most importantly, this can be a retrofit for any glass panels.

Say goodbye to outdated blinds and hello to the revolutionary Smartfilm technology! Our cutting-edge PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) adhesive film is the key to transforming your windows. With a simple flip of a switch, this smart film blocks 98% of UV rays and 95% of harmful infrared rays, ensuring energy savings and protection.
But that’s not all – imagine multiple glass panels seamlessly joining together to create a massive switchable Smartglass or a stylish partition. Our Smartfilm empowers you to customize your space effortlessly. In its opaque state, the PDLC film acts as a sleek electronic blind, guaranteeing privacy and security for any glass surface, window, or partition. And maintenance? It’s a breeze!

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Step into the future of Windows with Smartfilm – an intelligent solution that combines functionality, style, and convenience. Upgrade your space today and leave the competition in awe!

Looking for a cutting-edge solution to upgrade your windows? Look no further than Smartglasscan Inc! Our switchable Smartfilm, made in Canada and fabricated to your custom size, provides the ultimate in innovation and quality.
With a transparency of 90%, we offer the highest quality merchandise available on the market today. And the best part! Our Smartfilm is easily applied to your existing glass, making it a seamless retrofit application. Our team of highly experienced technicians take precise measurements of your glass panels and custom creates your order in our Ontario, Canada assembly.
Once your Smartfilm is ready, our technicians will install it with unparalleled precision and accuracy, ensuring that every project is executed flawlessly. Trust our team to consider every detail, from concealing the wires to ensuring the perfect placement of your Smartfilm.
Upgrade your space with our Smartfilm and experience the future of windows today!


  • Color: Translucent white
  • Material: Plastic, Glass Film
  • Cable: 1.5m/59”
  • Size: 155*100mm/6.1*3.9″
  • Haze: ON: <7%, OFF: >90%
  • View angle:ON: around 150°
  • SHGC: ON: 0.78, OFF: 0.06
  • IR blocking: ON: >30%, OFF: 90%
  • Reponse time: ON to OFF: 200ms
  • Power consumption(On): <5W/㎡
  • Thickeness(N/A):0.37(±0.02)
  • Service life(Indoor): more than 10 years
  • Operating temperature(ON to OFF): -30℃ to 60℃
  • Storage temperature(ON to OFF): -30℃ to 70℃
  • Transmission/Parallel light: ON: ablout 78%(±1) , OFF: <1
  • Package Include: 1 x Glass Film

Smart Glass has an unlimited number of uses, including but not limited to

  • Office / meeting room / reception room/ private room, doors / windows / Medical wards / he operating rooms of hospitals, monitoring rooms / police station, court ect.
  • Wash room / bathrooms, cars, lorries, luxury yachts ect.
  • Jewelry shop, museums, insurance counters, automatic equipment ect.
  • Large-scale projection screens.
  • All kinds of places which need day lighting and privacy.


  • Switch on, transparent; switch off, opaque, which achieves the double requirements of day lighting and privacy.
  • Safety: film will stop glass from shattering.
  • Environmental protection: more than 90% infrared and 98% of UV protection.
  • Anti-aging, anti-fade.
  • Self Adhesive, but it can be easily removed and reapplied if needed.